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Ludo game is classic ludo board game below 5 mb. Ludo 2018 can play with friends. Best & new Ludo game is best board game of 2018. Its Online! Ludo free multiplayer
game is Download for Free!Ludo 2018 (new) is a classic board game for all ages that never gets old. Ludo games free is a board game for 2 to 4 players. Ludo 2018 is a most popular board game.
Ludo game is Download for Free!
Ludo new is one type of puzzle game & Ludo online is a top popular game of board games of strategy in which the players take turns according to die rolls around the
gameboard play. You can play against your friends or android to give challenges, make high scores and beat them. Its old time one of the best board games classic ludo.
People sometimes called ludo game as loodo or ludu game or sometimes dudo game
Ludo 2018 Game free played with 2 players to 4 players game :-
- Play against computer AI ( Ludo Game VS android )
- Play with Friends (Local Multiplayer) - 2 players to 4 players
a. 2 Player mode (Choose any 2 colors from red, yellow, blue and green)
b. 3 Player mode (Play with 3 multiple users)
c. 4 players can play ludo offline multiplayer game on same deviceLudo rules of Ludo classic board games :-
This is old ludo classic game of childhood. Each ludo new player start the ludo offline multiplayer game with four tokens. In ludu game , each turn starts with a dice
roll, if a six is come, the player rolls the dice again and both (or more) numbers are used but in case when dice rolls and one is come then player is not dice the rolls
again. One has to defeat opponent, that way ludo is mind game. The tokens are moved around the game board. In order, start the position, six and one must be come,
otherwise the token stays at the base position. The game ends when a player has moved all of their tokens into the home, rest will be loser.
Key Features in ludo board game :-
- Play ludo game against android (smart AI botts)
- Simple and neat graphics
- play with friends new ludo offline , play ludo without internet
- Fun, excitement & entertainment
- Smooth game play for 2 to 4 multi-player (same device)
- Awesome ledo user interface with amazing themes
- Ludo is a mind game / classic boardgame
- below 5 mb game build
- Play with friends offlinemultiplayer (a True Offline multi-player game)
- ludo easy game (good game for kids)
- ludo rules and help is available for how to play ludo game
- Best gameboard theme***Localized name of the ludo game in other countries ***
>> In France Le Jeu de Dada or Petits Chevaux
>> Spain Parchís or Parkase
>> Italy Non t'arrabbiare
>> Sweden Fia med knuff
>> Colombia Parqués
>> Greece Griniaris
>> Netherlands Mens-erger-je-niet
>> China Fei Xing Qi
>> Iran Pachîs of boardgame
>> India ludo loodo or lodo , parcheesi or pachisi or ludu /dudu
>> Best board games android phones
>> online ludo game
>> King of board games
>> ludo easy game to learn for kids
>> Best ludo games
Our old name ludo 2017 now back in action with new Ludo 2018 clasic boardgame to play with friends. Check how to play ludo rules on Wikipedia about new ludo 2017 game
people called as parchisi, parchis, dudo ,nine men's morris ludu or loodo at

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