Skid Rally: Drag, Drift Racing (Unreleased) 0.963 [free]


The game is a racing arcade with various game modes, made in low-poly style. The main feature of this game is the number of various regimes, as well as fine-tuning and
customization of the vehicle. Improve characteristics of your car, along with the design and win in one of the 8 modes of the game.
Game modes:
- Time race: in this mode, you have to finish the race on target time. You can also watch how the other driver completes the race in a copy of your car, or use your best
result as a rival
- Duel: win your opponent in 1 on 1 race
- Drag: Come to finish first by switching gears on time
- Analytics: Make predictions at the victory of one of the cars and watch their race. In case of the victory – you get a double prize
- Drift: Collect the required number of drift points in the given time
- Circle races: race with 3 rivals on the circle track
- Gymkhana: cross the track along the ideal trajectory, without touching the obstacles
- Chase: hold out as long as possible, trying to hide from the police
- Rally: a kind of route that can be encountered in any game modes – trails of this type are marked as “DIRT”
I don't like the game camera: You can change the type of camera in settings; There are 3 different modes:
- "Classic" is popular 3-rd person view;
- "Reportage" is top-viewing camera, like from helicopter;
- "Retro" is orthographic camera, stylised to retro pseudo-3d games;
I don't have enough money: You can earn money, breaking your best results, or winning opponents in "Duel" and "Drag" modes. You also can double you money, making right
prediction about the race in "Analytics" mode.
I have problems with vehicle steering: You can customise the sensitivity of steering in Settings->Controls

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  • App Name: Skid Rally: Drag, Drift Racing (Unreleased)
  • Category: Racing
  • App Code: com.badman.ctt
  • Version: 0.963
  • Requirement: 4.1 or higher
  • File Size : 100.45 MB
  • Updated: 2019-06-13