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Aircraft Wargame is a scrolling shoot em up vertical.Para the mission will take control of an aircraft and have to go knocking down all enemy ships,aircraft and
Besides firing like madmen, we will have the ability to collect coins and powerups that we improve the aircraft in order to avoid impact with the enemies and their shots.
Fighter, air, world, plane
At the bottom of the screen looks perfectly so much life and shield that we have as total coins collected so far. War, combat in 1942.
Aircraft Wargame In March our ammunition is unlimited and all you have to worry will reach the final phase. The bullet shot 1 is due out over our plane in a straight line
and can shoot 3 or less.
Each location is comprised of 4 phases or levels and a boss, which makes the game more total 50 stages or levels. As we advance the level of difficulty rises, becoming
exasperating at certain times. Gunship, battle, games.
The enemy planes are as varied, with a wide variety of sizes, designs, training and flight patterns. Normally, for each enemy aircraft shot down we will be rewarded with
coins or powerups.Los larger aircraft need several shots to be destroyed.
With coins collected at the beginning of each phase or level can when we can increase our skills improve them infinitely. Wargame, 3, airplane.
We also found a medium-sized aircraft that need several shots to bring them down, while for the larger need many more shots. We will also have to deal with small planes
that will from time to time by the bottom of the screen, which will accelerate quickly to the top.
Every 4 phases we will face a kind of final enemy, a Japanese bomber Ayazo, inspired by Nakajima G8n, which have to destroy to complete the level.
The powerups are:
Ships friends: this POW get that our plane will join in the battle and side 2 small planes. These will be of great help when facing against enemy aircraft.
Extra life: as its name suggests, we will gain a life if we get this item.
Pumps: to pick up this item or powerups, one creating many shots in 360 degrees from our aircraft bomb was detonated.
Energy Shield: to pick a shield that will protect us from enemy fire until exhausted is created.

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