Craftium: Exploration & Survival 1.0.18 [free]


Craftium is a sandbox game in which you can survive, create objects, block craft, build unique buildings, exploration a vast pixel world and much more. Start your
exploration craft right now!Creation
Craftium is a big, wonderful world in the sandbox genre where you can do absolutely anything you want. When creating the pixel world, you can change its size, the height
of the landscape and mountains, the water level, the distance of drawing the textures, the richness of vegetation and the switching on and off of the cycle of day and
night. The game also has a flight mode to quickly navigate the map. Also, when activating a flight, you can go through the blocks and exploration the big, underground
world - start right now!Exploration
As in all games of this genre - you have the complete freedom to choose your actions. You do not have to build something, you can just travel the world, and also
exploration its boundless spaces. This will help you to the flight mode and the permeability of the blocks.Survival
The world of Craftium is beautiful and friendly, but only until sunset. When night falls, the world of cubes is transformed and you face many dangers that lie in the dark
caves and dense forest. Are you ready to survive in this cube world? There is only one way to check it out!Building
In our game there is a large selection of block craft for construction, with the help of which you can create your own, unique block city. In the game you will find such
building blocks as: stone, boards, brick, fence, door, chest, as well as many decorative blocks that will add color to your block build and the world!Craft
In Craftium there is an opportunity to create objects using crafting. You can interconnect resources to get unique blocks or items. With the help of craft, you can make
various types of picks, axes, swords, and armor to protect your character.Animals
In the game you will find various representatives of the Craftium fauna, such as: horses, pigs, chickens, cows, bears, wolves, different species of birds and many, many
others. But remember, not all animals are equally friendly, and which are not at all dangerous! You can tame some types of animals. You get experience for mobs, useful
items can also fall from them.Furniture
One of the key features of the game is the presence of a large selection of furniture for the home. The game features a variety of tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets,
refrigerators, shelves, paintings, lamps, kitchen appliances and much more. With the help of furniture you can make rooms more comfortable and individual. The number of
accessories will constantly increase and we will delight you with all new and new types of furniture!Multiplayer
It is not always interesting to play alone, which is why there is the possibility of playing over the network in Craftium. Just create your world in any game mode, throw
an invitation to friends and enjoy the joint game. Design joint buildings, survive and conquer the world Craftium!Saving progress
Also in the game there is the ability to save the gameplay and it is absolutely free. Now you can not worry about the safety of the masterpieces you built - just click on
the button to save the world.Optimization
Craftium is well optimized, which allows you to play it even with the help of low-performance devices. Also there is the possibility of changing the range of drawing
Build your own, unique world with Craftium!

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  • App Name: Craftium: Exploration & Survival
  • Category: Arcade & Action
  • App Code: com.appscreat.craftium
  • Version: 1.0.18
  • Requirement: 4.1 or higher
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  • Updated: 2019-02-28