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To start the Parkour (Art of displacement) alone is quite possible and that's how I started myself.
If the training with other people, experienced or not, presents undeniable advantages, it does not mean that the practice alone is impossible or useless. Just get started
and be extra vigilant about security.
I present here a kind of small guide to start well the Parkour which is articulated as a method to learn the Parkour and learn the basics, to everyone to pick what he
Before starting, I think it's important to emphasize that in Parkour you never take risks. First, make sure of your abilities before attempting anything.
The natural learning of Parkour when one embarks alone in the adventure passes, in my opinion, in 3 steps:
First test and awareness
Technical learning
Ideally, it is also necessary to add a stage of preliminary documentation by which any aspiring tracer should pass.
Let's see together what these steps are and how to follow them to learn Parkour.
1. Document yourself
This step may seem optional, but it is important. Documentation can cover different areas. Only the first area cited below seems to me imperative but it is very beneficial
to explore the discipline as a whole:
The safety of sports and Parkour
Parkour techniques
The values ​​of Parkour, its origins, its history
The community around Parkour
We must of course keep a critical eye on what we can read or see especially on the internet.
Security rules
The minimum before starting is to learn about the basic safety rules of sports in general and Parkour more specifically, especially if you do not practice sports in normal
Here are some of these rules:
Never make any jumps, these are very traumatic jumps if the reception is not perfect
Always work on the ground when you start
Always start with a warm up
Always make sure the obstacles and the lack of danger on and around them are solid
Always start small and progress step by step
Be aware (especially if you are training alone in an isolated place): always have a phone and water with you.
Do not neglect the recovery
And simply, to have common sense: to learn to know each other, to remain humble and not to make a movement if one is not oneself
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