Cosmic Ark 1.20 [free]


The objective is to gather specimens from different planets aboard a cosmic ark, which contains the survivors from the city of Atlantis.
In the first stage, the player must fend off meteor showers from all four sides of the screen by pushing the joystick to fire in the desired direction. The second stage
requires the player to pilot a shuttle to a planet and use its tractor beam to pick up life forms. While near the planet's surface, planetary defenses will fire at the
shuttle. If hit, one previously captured specimen will be freed, forcing the player to retrieve another. After a set period of time, a klaxon will warn of renewed meteor
activity, and the player must return immediately to defend the ark.
Cosmic Ark does not provide a set number of lives. Instead, the player's ark starts with 40 fuel units, which are lost with each meteor strike or shot fired, and gained by
destroying a meteor or capturing a life form. Capturing both life forms from a planet before the warning klaxon will top off fuel reserves. If the ark runs out of energy,
the next hit it takes will end the game.

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  • App Name: Cosmic Ark
  • Category: Arcade & Action
  • App Code: com.adj.original.cosmicark
  • Version: 1.20
  • Requirement: 6.0 or higher
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  • Updated: 2021-01-14