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Experience the apocalyptic world after the nuclear fallout. FREE to Play Now!
The world had ended. Spears of nuclear fire rained from the skies, continents were swallowed in flames and fell beneath the boiling oceans. Humanity almost vanished, their
spirits becoming part of the background radiation that blanketed the earth.
Great, underground vaults protected the few who are either important or simply lucky enough. They evaded the fate of destruction, hiding in the safety of vaults for
decades… until the vaults started to fail one by one.
Their descendants were forced to leave the vault and set out across ruins of the old world to build new societies, establish new villages, form new tribes. But the
wasteland is harsh and unforgiving: deadly radiations, foul weathers, mutant creatures, savage raiders…
You, as the leader of a small settlement, are entrusted with the future of your people. They look upon you for guidance in this desperate world. Will you stand the test of
wasteland, leading them to survival and prosperity?Survival:
-Secure a ruined town and build your own wasteland settlement.
-Train troops equipped with post-apocalyptic weapons from mere baseball bats all the way up to Gatlin Guns!
-Employ badass wasteland heroes: Raiders, Mercenaries, Mad Scientist, even non-human characters!Unite:
-Chat with players all over the world in real time.
-Join or found an alliance to fight alongside with your friends.
-Trade your surplus stuff to your alliance and get what you need the most.
-Work with your friends, claim territories and conquer enemies that you can never deal with on your own.Conquest:
-Battles are no longer matches of numbers. Deploying the units right allows you to win over enemies far stronger than you.
-Tired of attacking only the stationary towns? Intercept your enemies on their way and plunder whatever supplies they have with the troops!
-Someone pissed you off? Summon your friends, lay a lasting siege on him, and wipe his settlement off the map!
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  • App Name: Doomwalker - Wasteland Survivors
  • Category: Brain & Puzzle
  • App Code: com.WastelanderStudio.Doomwalkers
  • Version: 5.7
  • Requirement: 4.0.3 or higher
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  • Updated: 2018-04-17