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Prince of Persia is a fantasy platform game, originally developed by Jordan Mechner and released in 1989, that represented a great leap forward in the quality of animation
seen in video games. After the original release, Prince of Persia was ported to a wide range of platforms.
In this game you will become a young prince which wants to save the princess from the evil sultan. You will need to go through treacherous levels to free the
This game is a 2D platformer that is commonly regarded as a progenitor of the cinematic platform genre. Rather than following the more common jump-and-run mechanics, it
focuses on careful advancement through fairly complex levels, emphasizing the protagonist’s vulnerability and survival aspect. Rotoscoping technique is used to give more
realism to the animation of the characters’ movements.
Save the game whenever you want and continue from where you left even if you are out of lives. This capability will provide you to finish the overall game!

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  • App Name: Prince Of Persia 2
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