Quran English Hindi Arabic - Divine Verses 1.40 [free]


Read, compare and comprehend Quran in three different languages.
It is mentioned in Quran that God has made Quran easy to understand and by the grace of God we have tried to make it easy to read. Now, avail the simplicity and easiness
of new technology through our app for understanding the divine message.
DivineVerses is the fastest and simplest app designed for those who are seeking the hereafter, who are devoted to god and consider technology is the another way of
searching the truth.
DivineVerses is the only app which gives you the simplicity of continuous reading of Quran without browsing through the list of surah names.
DivineVerses also shows surah name with total aayat and how much Quran you have read. This will be helpful to you for scheduling your reading sessions.
Through DivineVerses, we have provided FIVE different types of Quran which are as follows, First is in Arabic, the original revelation. Next two are English translations
from Rashad Khalifa and Yusuf Ali. Then comes Hindi translation from Suhail khan & Nadvee and last one is English transliteration of Arabic Quran.
You can read and compare five different types of Quran in just one screen of your device without slowing down the system.
Other features are,
1. Load Unload five different types of Quran in one screen.
2. Zoom In or Zoom Out in any text of Quran with help of just one tap without leaving the current page.
3. More than 20 attractive in built skins.
4. Goto or jump to any surah or aayat easily.
5. Search any word from any Quran within seconds.
6. Send, email or share aayat to any app or copy it to clipboard.
7. Saves the last session so that you can resume reading from where you have left without making use of any bookmark.
8. Specially designed screens for portrait and landscape mode.
9. Very less memory footprints i.e. optimised for the devices with minimum configuration.
10. You can set different types of fonts and styles for English and Arabic text.
11. Read Quran without touching the screen with the help of speed adjustable Auto-Scrolling option.
And last but not the least, this app is absolutely FREE. No ads, no banners, no privacy breaching material. God says in aayat 2-41 "Do not sell my aayat for cheap material
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