OOF! | Funny Roblox Sounds 3.0.3 [free]


Volume Boost, Auto-OOF, OOF-Widget and more Scales for OOF-PAD coming soon..!
We LOVE your hilarious reviews, keep them coming - we're making a video dedicated to all our beautiful noobs! <3
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Are you a complete meme legend?
Are you constantly the dankest person in the room?
Are you tired of not being able to annoy absolutely everyone you come into contact with?
Well FEAR NO MORE! Because your life is about to be turned on its head! *oof*
OOF! The Nobel Prize-winning app that left the world in awe, has now found you..
You will start experiencing powers and abilities you have not yet come to recognize.
Time and space now bend to your will and the fabric of reality caters to your every desire.
Except if you desire friends. You can't have friends.
CAUTION: Persistent use of this app may cause a sudden loss of friends and social interaction.
- - - - - -
- Tap to OOF
Noob: "Instructions too complicated, I'm a duck."
Compete with fellow noobs to see who has OOF'd the most!
NOTE: Currently, you must already be logged into Google Play Games for this to work, otherwise it will do nothing - we are working to streamline this as soon as
- A keyboard function with pitch-shifted OOF sounds. (major scale/8 notes)
- Access it by pressing the top-right button with the piano keys.
- More scales coming soon, meaning that you'll be able to play more songs!
ADDITIONAL SOUNDS: (access this from the bottom-right button)
- Boing (Spring)
- Boxy Cola Slurp
- Yummy (Donut)
- Pizza
- Nom Nom Nom (Turkey Leg)
- Victory (Trophy)
- Gravity Coil
- Sword Swish (Left)
- Sword Slash (Right)
- Explosion (Bomb)
- Cheeseburger
- This menu displays featured content from 'Number 27' as well as a links to leave feedback and reach our social media accounts easily.
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This application's title was changed from "OOF! | Roblox Button" to "OOF! | Funny Roblox Sounds" on the 4th of December 2017 in order to better define its function and
Any features you'd like to see in OOF?
E-mail us at number27social@gmail.com to leave a suggestion!
- - - - - -
-Added 6 new additional sounds
-Added OOF-Counter & Leaderboards
-Compressed file size even further
- Added OOF keyboard (Major Scale)
- Visually improved info menu
- Optimized file size
- Updated visuals (2k)
- Added info panel
- Added keyboard resources
- Optimized ads
- Added new sound: "Pizza"
- Added new menu + 4 new sounds
- Implemented 'remove ads' purchase
- Minor bug fixes
- Added button animation (head)
- Significantly reduced app size, now running in Android Studio
- Full rollout of complete app made in Unity engine
- - - - - -
"May the OOF be with you."
- me (right now)
- - - - -
We do not take any responsibility for the dismissal or expulsion of any of our users due to the public use of our application. Emotional and financial trauma that may
occur due to the use of our app is also done at the user's own discretion.
- Number 27
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