Turn based strategy "Griblers" 1.4.45 [free]


★★★What is the game about?★★★
Griblers is offline turn-based tactics strategy game for your smartphone. Plan, build, craft, fight and explore the world. Don't be fooled by simple graphics – you'll find
a challenge for both fans of classic role-playing games and turn based strategy classics.☑ Exploration
Explore the map of The Everwoods. The mountains are rich in gold and sapphires. Fertile fields provide grasses and food. Dense forests are ripe with wood and precious
acorns. Scorching deserts are rich in valuable sand. Everywhere there are secrets to attract an experienced adventurer...☑ City-builder
Restore an abandoned town – the ruins of an ancient civilization. This may not be as big as in classic turn-based offline strategy and role-playing games like
Civilization, but it’s perfect for unhurried gameplay on the touchscreen :)☑ Battles
The local inhabitants you'll encounter are not happy with their new neighbors. To battle them, you will need weapons and magic potions. You will need to craft these in the
workshop according to ancient recipes.☑ Craft
Improvise to make your first simple tools, then progress to crafting more complex tools to ensure your survival in the wilds of The Everwoods.☑ Turn based tactics
The game will become progressively more difficult – you will face new enemies, while the old ones remain familiar and safe. As in any RPG strategies, you'll level up your
griblers through building the town. As they level up, your griblers gain new skills and improve their strengths. Very often you will have to think 10 moves ahead – stave
off danger from Squashy, lead Croxy, explore the fog of war with Rusty...☑ Random events
Random events make the gaming experience more diverse – you may run into a sudden treasure chest or even an old witch. If you're lucky, you might even find seven-league
boots. But not everyone has this much luck...☑ Original Setting
Griblers are mushroom trolls, indigenous inhabitants of an area called The Everwoods. We did not copy tired, classic fantasy with dwarves and elves. Instead, you will
plunge into a new world with unique characters, funny dialog and unusual gameplay.★And the most important thing...★☑ Classic offline RPG & strategy gameplay with no ads or pay-to-win
Griblers is a pet project, not aimed at getting money out of players. The gameplay is built in a way to make you enjoy the strategy game, without having to watch the same
ad a hundred times for things you don’t really need.☑ Is the game freeware?
The game is divided into a free part (3-5 hours of gameplay), and a paid part (+9-12 hours). The game is developed by the two of us, and we spend all our free time on it,
so we consider this approach to be honest.
★★★So, are you ready for an adventure?★★★Spring comes in The Everwoods, and griblers Croxy, Squashy, and Rusty decide to go back to their ancient homeland. Help them to defeat the enemies, restore Hardwood and
bring back former glory.

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  • App Name: Turn based strategy "Griblers"
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