Air Robot Plane Transformation Game 2018 1.5 [free]


If you are a fan of airplane robot transforming games, here comes the brand new Air Robot Plane Transformation Air Force War that is going to happen in the futuristic
city. Rise as a fly bot in the era of robot transformation to fight the future robot battles! Air Robot Plane Transformation Game 2018 offers an interesting adventure with
fly robot superheroes for the lovers of jet robot games & future robot games. In the time of air robot battles the sole survival of humans is at stake as the transform
robots have launched an offensive against future robot jet plane and the robot squad is in need of a monster robot with efficient flying bots skills and combat action
abilities to destroy the enemy and its jet robots. If you like flying, combat action and rescue then you will definitely love the exceptional features and extraordinary
challenges.This transforming airplane robot battle simulator provides an interesting game play of flying robots games & the thrill of controlling transform robots in
robot hero games. You can fly airplane, fight with robots, shoot and blast evil bots with transforming jets and become part of hero robots league as a jet bot. All these
exciting features makes it one of the best robot games. You are the only superior air robot with jet transform powers who can challenge this enemy to attack and save the
world. The open map and the crucial missions to destruct the opponent assigned to the airplane robot helicopter cannot be found in other air robot games.
Are you ready to fight the super robots in the futuristic battle of airline police? You might have played many future robot games with super robot transformation but this
Air Robot Plane Transformation Battle Game has various tasks of enemy destruction and terrifying missions of unstopable Gun Battle unlike any other transforming jet games.
Become a plane to transform with agility in order to kill the rivals in this latest addition to space robot transforming games 2018. Let the quest begin as the fly bot
fighting in 1 of the very best robot games available on store, you are required to control a machine build for war, to battle in the air & to protect the land from the
evil Robots. Merging the complex tactics involved in transform robot games with pleasures of air robot games & fly robot games, this flying robot simulator lets you
take charge of air police force. Glide over huge skyscrapers with your metal wings to shoot enemy on the ground & to win the sky from the transforming jets. Rise as a
hero, surge a savior, & earn victory over the machines. If you think you want to control fighter jets & helicopters and transform robots, then be a fly bot at this
air robots simulator 2018. Highly Detailed environment, with smooth controls of police robots & realistic physics in is far superior than other airplane robot games.
Game has fantastic levels where you will be tested against hostile combat with the extreme terror.Air Force War. Challenge attack of iron robot jet fighters as flying
robot hero air craft fighter pilot. This aircraft warfare will decide the fate futuristic robots war in the futuristic city where the sky airplane robot hero will
experience intense airplane shooting and flying in sky fighter game.
The huge 3D world of this flying robot games is stunned with an air robot hero that is in total rage to crush the whole 3D world of fighter plane robot games using fly
bots & robotic superheroes, transforming jets & monster robot helicopter to enjoy the real buzz to terminate criminals and be a legend. Future robot wars will be
the end of mankind & the existence of the dominant specie will be in the hands of transform robots to fight jet robot battle.
• Aircraft combat game with Realistic 3D graphics
• Experience the thrill of airplane shooting and chase
• Flying hero air craft robot transform jet fighting game
• Best air robot adventures jet transformation game
• Air jet fighting game with robots & enemy air craft

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  • App Name: Air Robot Plane Transformation Game 2018
  • Category: Role Playing
  • App Code: com.ExtrudeGaming.air.robot.plane.transformation
  • Version: 1.5
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  • Updated: 2018-12-04