Screen Balance 7.9 [free]


❝Exercise complete control over your screens white balance, tint and brightness level - Finally!❞
I initially made Screen Balance for personal use - I am extremely pleased with the result and I am sure you will like it too.
❝Root NOT needed❞
★ Auto-sleeps when incompatible windows encountered (e.g. Package Installers)
★ Toggle on/off from notification tray - in Android Jellybean (4.1) and over.
★ Save color profiles.
★ Due to popular demand, I have added RGB adjuster to allow you to create your own color filters.
★ Again due to popular demand, I have added option of adjusting the screen contrast ... This vastly improves the readability of your screen at night. It also allows
correction of harsh or over vibrant screen colors.
✓ First Android App to allow adjustment of the screens white balance - this will allow you to define how warm/cool the screen appears and can be useful to correct odd
tints that can be found on many screens.
✓ Reduce brightness levels to below what Android normally allows - prevents night time strain, especially on AMOLED screens.
✓ Apply color tint to the screen - this is used to apply a color filter, e.g. a red tint such that you can use it in really dark environments, e.g. star gazing or simply
reading at night.
✓ Safety feature to auto reset brightness if set too low by accident.
✓ Dark and Light themes - allows you to accurately test white balance and prevent eye strain at night and to test your color balance.
✓ Independently adjust brightness and tint as per your requirements.
✓ Due to popular demand, I have ensured that the App stops from appearing on the Android task list.
✓ Apply settings automatically on device boot.
✓ Save color profiles and settings.
✓ Inherently low resource use with no noticeable impact on performance and battery.

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  • App Name: Screen Balance
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  • Version: 7.9
  • Requirement: 4.0 or higher
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  • Updated: 2018-12-19