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Tasbih (تسبيح) is a form of dhikr that demands the repetitive utterances of a set of words praising AllahSubhanTalla in Islam. To keep track of counting
either the phalanges of the right hand or a misbaha is used.
Generally Tasbih or Tasbeeh are most commonly made of various stones or wooden bead, but also of olive seeds, ivory, amber, pearls or plastic. Stone beads (mineral and
animal based) are made of; carnelian, amber, tortoiseshell, glass, meerschaum, ivory, pearl, coral, coconut, pebble, , jade, rhino horn, etc. whereas wooden beads are made
of; ebony, agalloch, rosewood, olive wood, etc. Besides 99 beads, misbaha also consists of: the "nisane", a disc which separates each 33 beads, the "pul", a small bead that
marks the seventh position, the "tassel", which is a long piece marking the beginning of the string, and the "tepelik" at the top of the tassel. In 33 bead misbaha, "nisane"
separates 11 beads and there is no "pul".
Along with the time, now modern Tasbih devices are available e.g mechanical counter. digital counter and latest one is App.
This App is one of them featuring:
* Simple and easy to use for everyone.
* Some predefined Zikr
* Set the counting limit
* Save all your Zikr counts for your reference and motivation.
* Audio for Quranic Supplication
* Vibration alerts when counting completed
* No Internet Needed to load supplication

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