Satat Card Game 1.1.7 [free]


Mauritian style based card game, you can play in single player or multiplayer mode.
You can play via bluetooth or wifi direct for the local multiplayer mode.
Bluetooth support 2-4 players
Wifi direct support only 2 players
Customize card theme
-Swipe left or right on card front and back image to change theme, please note that it will take effect on new game.
Guide for Online Multiplayer Mode
-Install Google Play Games app
-Use your gmail account to sign in
-Go to settings, ensure that your Gamer Profile is Public so that other players can sent you an invitation to play.
Quick Play
-To play match with any random online player.
Invite Players
-Search for your friend by Gamer ID/name/email and invite them to play (invite up to 3 players maximum)
Received Invites
-Show players that have sent you an invitation to play
-Click on the player's profile to accept the invitation.
-Leaderboard show your stats against your friends and achievements that have been unlocked.
Guide for Bluetooth Multiplayer Mode
-Select the Local Multiplayer Game menu
Steps for device mode [Server]
-Select the device mode [Server] for a device and press on the Refresh button.
-Wait for a few seconds for the [Client] devices to appear under the Available Paired Devices.
-Then drag and drop the [Client] device name onto the blue slot, ensure that your finger tip is placed on the slot for successful drag and drop.
-Finally you can press on the Start button to start the game.
Steps for device mode [Client]
-Select the device mode [Client] for a device and press on the Refresh button to list all of the available paired devices.
-Select a device name from the list and drag and drop it onto the blue Server Slot.
-Then press on the Connect button.
At most 3 devices [Client] can be connected to the same [Server].
-CPU takes over empty slot if there are less than 4 players.
-You can press on the Refresh button at any time to refresh the screen and cancel any ongoing connection.
If there any bugs or concerns regarding the gameplay of the app, you may send your queries via the email address provided below:-
[email protected]

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  • App Name: Satat Card Game
  • Category: Cards & Casino
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  • Version: 1.1.7
  • Requirement: 4.1 or higher
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  • Updated: 2020-03-27