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Pokemon Ash Gray

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Smart Key 1.01.28

Simplify your life, personalize your headset with this easy-to-use application. Configure the call key button when taking a call, listening to music o

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Hosts Studio

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DashLight 2.6.1

DashLight is a simple and lightweight widget, app, and DashClock extension, that acts as a toggle for your device's camera flash/led (or screen bright

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Follow3 0.3.4

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TopNotif 1.14.3

TopNotif enhances your notifications experience by providing additional customizations not available in the default Android implementation. Features i

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“i-marker” makes use of augmented reality (AR) to combine the reality with virtual object. Onc

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Kernel Tuner

Notice Application officially supports only HTC EVO 3D GSM/CDMA, however it might also work on other devicesIf you install this application on unsupp

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超级学团 3.7.2

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HubbloVR 1.5.4

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Alphabet 0.1

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高能贩 2.9.6

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关于 2.3

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NOeSIS Boot interface is a bootable theme for cm, which is also the NOeSIS series of unofficial peripheral products. The author is a otaku. (╯ -_-)

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