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Chameleon wallpaper is a live wallpaper that changes color to your surroundings. Set it as the live wallpaper, launch the app, and point and shoot obj

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This Theme is designed with pixel perfect precision to give your phone a completely new modern look and feel! With high quality graphics and full of f

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KoLLeKtion are presets\templates for Kustom LWP and Lightning Launcher** ATTENTION **You need KLWPhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.ku

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Circle 1.2.4

Circle theme for the T-Mobile theme chooser (CyanogenMod 10.1) Supported screen DPI: [XHDPI][HDPI][MDPI] Themed more than 90 icons for popular app.I

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Snype 1.3.6

Welcome to Snype (beta), the fastest way to access your apps and contacts!Using this app you can "snype" apps/contacts almost instantly, even if you h

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wlpapR 1.3

wlpapR is a collection of wallpapers made for android devices, all designed exclusively by me. You can view and download them on wlpapR website, or wi

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Blue Pop CM12 Theme brought to you by NucleoidThis awesome CM12 Theme is the best one for your custom ROMfull support, updated daily if any nightly br

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Rovo 4.4.7

Rovo is a modern circle icon pack that will give your icons that extra flair you've been searching for. Using unique color combinations and a minimal

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-- Free Version (please support the developer by purchasing the paid version)Add a mystical glowing plant to your phone. This live wallpaper shows a g

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Magnesium Launcher 1.016.1003

INSTAGRAM IS BACK! Add your Instagram account to view photo and video posts in your universal feed. Magnesium Launcher is a revolutionary launcher for

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2tap Launcher is a vertical homescreen replacement for your Android.Organize your Apps and Widgets into Cards. Then set up a Profile for every moment

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XThemeEngine beta5

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** THIS IS XPOSED MODULE **WARNING1. Don't install if you don't know Xposed.2. Free apk is available on Xposed Repository.3. There is no difference be

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THEME CHOOSER THEME Your ROM must have the theme chooser for this to work, This will theme all of the system and a wide range of 3rd party apps. Su

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You need a rom with the latest CM12 theme engine in order to install the themeWhat's themed:- Statusbar- Animated switches and checkboxes- Bootanimati

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Timester 0.009

Hamster powered clock!I ams Timester and I runs your clocks. I usually has lazy and likes big belly to rubs. But no mores. I have clocks to runs! I ru

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Ozee 2.3.1

Ozee is Dark, Colorful, & Pixel perfect with many features attentions to details with great Ui elements to amaze your device.....CM13 / 12.1 theme eng

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Dark Void 2.3.0

Dark Void is a minimalist black themed Icon Pack featuring light wallpapers/backgrounds with scenic, space, scifi and urban themes. Dark Void features

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Quick Launch 2.1.3

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