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Swift launcher is a launcher base on Launcher 3. is a small desktop which is smarter, faster, more useful and have a pure & clean user interface. Swif

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DarkFlow 1.3

DarkFlow is Unique Set of Icons with a Dark-Accent Palette. This is what Dark Material Design would have been.Though it doesn't follow all the Materia

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美编 1.3

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UUcleaner 1.3

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XyCard 3.3.1

XyCard is simple and easy to use contact information-sharing networks. It is built on a unique cloud service, has a strong group of permissions, helpi

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Tag Home 2.9.2

It's for Android 1.6for Android 2.1/2.2, using other Tag Home.1. 3, 5, 7, 9 Workspace2. Grouping app by tag3. Set tag & priority to each app4. Hide ap

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CacheCleaner allows you to remove all cache files with a single click.Because internal memory is precious, and cache isn't.It requires both root permi

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SummFeed 1.1

Summrize shortens your reading time by summarizing web articles into 4 sentences. Simply enter the URL or share the web page into the app and let Summ

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HeadsUp 3.1

HeadsUp is a fork of AcDisplay mainly focused on displaying notifications while your device is on. It will inform you about new notifications, while y

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FaceRig 100

FaceRig is an application that enables you to embody awesome digital characters anywhere! You want to impersonate a dragon? We've got you covered! You

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MyCalendar 3.03

************************************************ TOP 5 FACEBOOK AND TOP 10 IPHONE PAID COMES TO YOU TO ANDROID FOR FREE ***************************

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批量自动将酷X音乐产生的歌词文件(krc)转换成一般歌词文件(lrc)。​使用方法:1.将X狗音乐产生的歌词文件放到/sdcard/kugou/lyrics/文件夹。 (警告:默认放在此处,lyrics文件夹不存在会闪退!)2.打开本应用3.离开本应用4.转换完成的文件放在/sdcard/kugou

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Note: this app is a pro key to unlock Iconstructor! You must download Iconstructor as well!Make your own icons without any programming or design exper

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PDF Creator 1.0.3

Create, edit and save pdf files. Features include:Create PDF-pages from text or picturesAdd PDF-pages from text or pictures to existing PDFsMerge PDFs

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