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git 1.0.0

Git Pocket Reference summarizes commonly used Git command line instructions (more than 80 commands) for quick reference.Features:1. 80+ git commands2.

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S Tools+ 3.0

S Tools+ is a pack of 5 different useful tools for your device.These includes- •CPU frequency- keep an eye on your CPU frequencies to see at what freq

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Sci-Fi 21e

Sci-Fi Theme for CM12/CM12s/CM12.1/CM13The theme will give your phone Some Sci-Fi look. A total futuristic makeover to beast (CM) inside your phone.

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The Original Pixel battery saver the most loved battery booster is back.. Antivirus feature scrapped to improve device performance & battery life. PLE

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Check this project on dribbble https://dribbble.com/shots/3349372-Bubble-Picker-Open-Source-ComponentRead how we did it on Medium https://medium.com/@

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豆瓣东西 1.2.3

一起发现好商品!男票女票生日不知道送什么礼物?每次更换护肤品都会爆发选择恐惧症?等人等车等位等收工的碎片时间不知如何打发?来逛豆瓣东西吧~「极客公园」2013中国最佳发展潜力产品,覆盖全球40多家电商网站,全品类商品个性化推荐,豆瓣千万用户分享真实体验,帮你买到好东西。- 覆盖全品类商品,支持国内国

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饭团 1.0.1

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GreenMusic 2.1.2

Green, small, no ads, support full-screen singer, full-screen lyrics, two lines lyrics , brilliant spectrum, skin replacement, etc. No other extra fe

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MeiTuGIF 1.3.5

亮点功能: ★新增“魔术GIF”功能,国内安卓平台独家首发!让你的作品鹤立鸡群。 ★内置26个美图秀秀精选的LOMO和可爱效果,品质保证! ★独家设计的13个创意场景特效,让你的GIF作品脱颖而出。 ★独家设计的7种哈哈镜特效,让你一秒钟大变形。 ★在同类产品中,生成速度最快、画质最

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WallArt 2.0.5

Browse through stunning collection of wallpapers that can change the way your Android screen looks. Simple, quirky, colourful designs: custom made and

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Internet-Traffic MeterTrafficAlert has an intuitive graphical user interface with statistic charts (days and month), an easy settings screen and 3D tr

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Real Ukulele 1.4.0

Real Ukulele is one of the most realistic hawaiian guitar (ukelele or 4-string mini guitar) simulator apps featuring a user-friendly interface and an

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Illumin UI 1.0.2

Specifications:- High Definition(192 x192 px) icons which supports display up to xxxhdpi.- Over 2900 Icons and growing.- You can request an icon from

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Pocket Informant 2.20.6117

* This is not the most recent version of Pocket Informant, but we are keeping it online for those who have older devices. For our most recent version,

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Track your interests on reddit through phrases or keywords.FeaturesNotifications for mentions, customizable notification sound, and several interval o

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「念」以游戏化的方式连接全世界的目标、进展与壮举。「简介」无论是绘画、健身、日记或学习新的语言,你都能够通过念来记录你每天所要努力的事。在困难模式下,当你开启第一步进展后,假如有一天忘记更新,你的账号就会被「冻结」!600,000 人受虐并享受其中的应用,是时候加入,创建你的理想清单啦。「特色」1

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The APP features are as follows:1. Like Facebook chat bubble button, click and pop-up window, easy select emoticons text.2. Floating button can adjust

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