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Exif Fix 1.0.3

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The HP Prime Graphing Calculator App is an extensive and integrated mathematics tool that enables students to solve problems, learn, and explore on th

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ClearPack 3.1

ClearPackA beautiful icon pack, carefully crafted to seamlessly flow with any background. The subtle transparency on every icon and depth give the ico

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A vizual sonic mind-wondering ‘Google Cardboard’ Virtual Reality trip for electronic music lovers and space cadets everywhere.The ‘Google Cardboard” V

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CM13 OnePlus One Theme is based on OnePlus One CM11s for CyanogenMod 13/12 RomsTheme Includes:- Alarms- Boot Animation- Fonts- Icons (+133)- Lock Wall

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米粒影院 1.0.0

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QuoteLock 1.4.0

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Image Factory 2.6.10

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CMB 5.5.0


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Sitting for long periods of time can compromise your health.“Get Moving!!!” combined fun and health to remind you to move your body regularly.***FEATU

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1. Added language selection, and that confused many Russian. 2. Completely reworked the algorithm custom patch, now it is much faster … and even ear

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Pets vs Orcs 1.0.20

Evil Orcs have kidnapped your Puppies, Kittens and Baby Turtles - it is time to get them back!

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MyStocks 8.7.3

The most complete, beautiful and simple app to follow stock market and financial markets.Get quotes of stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies,futures and mar

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Tidy 1.3.2

"Organize your photos with JUST ONE SWIPE with Tidy." - TechCrunch, Feb 2014 http://goo.gl/P1xmtGTidy helps you clean up thousands of photos in minute

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MTK大师 1.2.8

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后会有期 1.0.4

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Icons featuring:#different shapes #45º long shadow#soft gradient color#shadows and bezel.It comes with 1250 icons, without request option (sorry), but

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Long press the home button to share your screenshots.Quickest way to share screenshots.

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