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Aard 2 0.37

Aard 2 is a simple dictionary and offline Wikipedia reader. Aard 2 is a successor to Aard Dictionary. It comes with redesigned user interface, better

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Smooth, multidirectional, widget-compatible tile-based launcher for Android 4.0+.Scroll Direction - Select horizontal (left to right) or vertical (top

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StumbleUpon 5.2.5

StumbleUpon is the easiest way to discover and share cool new stuff on the Internet. Stumble with your Android phone or tablet to make discovery a par

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EasyBudget 1.5.2

Let’s face it: Most budget apps are too complicated and their design looks like it come straight from... 1994. If you are looking for a clean and easy

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Speed 5.7.5

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Call Log Management has never been so easy!With Call Log Monitor you can keep clean the call history from unwanted calls so you don’t have to manually

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齐家 2.8.6


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BitTorrent Pro 3.39.280

Find torrents and download them directly to your phone or tablet, AD-FREE, with the official BitTorrent® Pro app for Android-- now with battery saving

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暴走漫画 6.7.7

暴漫凶猛,强势入侵地球! 超过60000个五星评价,你还在等什么?暴走漫画拥有着它独领风骚的形象,讲述着各种生活中奇葩的故事;每一篇漫画都在4-8格内讲述一件完整的趣事,充分填补你的碎片时间:在学校,在公车,在厕所,在被窝里……养成每天刷刷的好习惯,有助自己的节操值的增长~ 现在新增了时事板块,用

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Pornhub 4.1.1

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My Gesture 3.18

***** HALF PRICE EVENT UNTIL THE END OF THIS MONTH *****You just stroke a phone with your own gesture mark and the phone will remember where to take y

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DmonD 2.1

DmonD Icon Pack

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酷FM 4.4.3

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No WakeLock 1.4.0

Xposed Module is required. It is a tool that reduces app's battery use by preventing them from using Android wakelocks. It treats apps in a more gentl

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Ever have your Facebook newsfeed fill with pictures of your friends at a concert you didn’t about? Don’t get left out of the picture. Kiwi Calendar is

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CoolApk developer console, made by great lovers of (previous) CoolApk.Source was given out according to GPL v3 License here:https://github.com/TaRGrou

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iF DESIGN 1.4.2

‘World’s best design’ source of inspiration and a standard reference for designers, art directors, architects and students: Now available as a free ap

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