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每天更新各位趣闻,搞笑段子、图片、视频等, 笑料不断!一切都在既能涨姿势又能轻松娱乐的段子集中营,等你下载

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iFollow 1.0

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AntTek Quick Settings is a decent app to quickly alter device settings, launch apps, quick calls. XDA forum: "Plenty of setting apps, but this one t

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Trackmaster is a racing lap timer that works great for autocross, hillclimbs, rally, and track days! Use for motorcycles, cars, and karts!**Featured

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Stay Alive!

Make your device screen Stay Alive! when you need it.Most options are FREE and donator options are cheaper than simillar app on the store!Download our

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BookShelf 1.3

This app is designed to manage physical books. Scan books' Barcode, and books will add to Bookshelf. You can record book information, reading status,

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微米 3.2.1

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Easy Net 1.0.7

A set of tools useful network with easy user for the analysis and tuning WiFi networks and ... measure the speed of Internet they have and a list of

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AcClient 1.1.0

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School Marks Manager is free, simple, holo themed app, that helps you track your school grades, tasks and exams.Features: - three sections for grades

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Smart Bar

If you found weird icons after upgrade, reinstall should fix itManage Apps/Tasks-Batch Install/Uninstall/Backup apps-Show Favorite apps-Quick exit-Tas

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Sense Black for the theme engine based on CM13, CM12 and CM12.1. Available for MM and Lollipop roms (android 6.0.X and 5.X.X). - CyanOS too.You can

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Zed 1.0.1

This is not stand-alone app, you need the app "Zooper Widget Pro" and "Nova Launcher" to use it.If you have any problems, please don't rate the app wi

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QR Code Reader is the fastest and most user-friendly QR code scanner available. If your Android came with a built-in scanner, this would be it. Here i

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Emperial 3.6

PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW!!Rule your phone with Emperial.Beautiful retro colors with highest quality iconography, hundreds of matching wallpapers include

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