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Battery+ 1.67.03

This is the perfect battery monitor for your phone or tablet. It is simple, beautiful and can be calibrated specially for your device.Instantly know h

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4G管家 3.3.1

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Vibes 1.1.3

I'm sure you know this theme works only for devices running theme engine compatible roms. And it's ready for Dirty Unicorns rom. More roms will be add

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Flynx 2.1.2

★★★★★ Featured as one of the essential apps on playstore by Google.★★★★★ Featured on LifeHacker, Gizmodo, Economic Times, Addictive Tips, Android Comm

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画+ 1.0.4

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*** This app work with phone, it MAY NOT WORK WITH TABLET ***We watch video everyday. Some of video streaming apps is do not hide soft keys (home / ba

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种子BT资源 3.0080712

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译文的书 0.0.73

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腾讯企点 1.4.0

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南都 3.0.2

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Oldify 2.1.8

See your face when it’s old with Oldify, a fun photo aging booth app that lets turns your Android device into a fast-aging machine. Have you ever want

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小站雅思 2.3.5

小站雅思,提供剑桥雅思的完整听力练习,口语真题题库,真人口语一对一模考,是小站留学系列APP之一,被网友称为最有效的良心“烤鸭“神器。我们致力于为大家提供最权威的学习服务和最优秀的软件体验(*^__^*)。 功能介绍【剑桥雅思听力题库】剑桥雅思5—10听力,精听精练,还有听力翻译和听力变速功能,给你

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Dezzert 1.7

Dezzert is a pixel perfect and crisp cyanogenmod theme. Even the simplest UI detail has been taken care of to provide a complete experience. It has 15

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去日本 3.0.0


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隔壁大书 1.0.011

隔壁不只有老王,还有“大书”! 隔壁大书是一款好玩好看有声音“有味道”的互动小说阅读软件。在这里,你可以随意选择自己想看的剧情,全模式带入,多个结局随意攻略,代替主角走出不一样的人生。颠覆传统的阅读模式,融合小说、游戏双重特色。谁说故事只能有一个结局? 猎奇脑洞集中营,非一般的阅读体验,明星写手专属

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Unicode is a small tool for viewing, querying, copying any Unicode character (and its hex code). Based on Unicode 9.0. Like 

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Floatifications is a new and intuitive way to view your notifications. It can take a notification from any app and present it to you as a floating ic

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Rounds 4.5.0

Use Rounds to keep score when you play cards, mini golf and other games. It's better than pencil & paper scoring because it totals your score automati

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