PSDX 2.4 [paid]


This is the simple and complete 2D football action game for android. Let's aim the world champion.---------------------------------
You fight other teams, and advance out of the group stage, and into 2nd round, and aim for the top of the world.(2)FRIENDLY MATCH
you can choose two teams, and play only one game.
In case of tie game is PK(penalty shootout).(3)PK MATCH
You can choose two teams, and play PK(penalty shootout).
If the score is level after five penalties each, the shootout goes into sudden death.(4)TEAM EDITOR
You can edit the team and player data.(5)BALL EDITOR
You can edit the ball characteristics.(6)AUTO GAME MODE
This is the mode to automatically calculate the match results from the ability of teams and players without you play the game.(7)AUTOMATIC CONTROL
You can watch the game without controlling the players.
And you can easily switch the auto-mode and manual-mode at the touch of the button during the game.Furthermore, you can set the more details of the game.---------------------------------
This game is recommended particularly for people like following:• I like football-games.
• I am looking for a more simple football-game.
• I feel a little more complicated the recent football-games.
• I like 2D better than 3D.
• I like the retro-game.
---------------------------------If you would like to try this game, we recommend to download the free lite-version at first.

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  • App Name: PSDX
  • Category: Sports Games
  • App Code:
  • Version: 2.4
  • Requirement: 2.2.x or higher
  • File Size : 1.55 MB
  • Updated: 2017-09-08