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Rubik Cube 3D helps you learn the beginner's method. Only after mastering this method, one can learn the advanced Friedrich method used by speed cubers.
This is the only app which teaches beginner method and Fridrich method.
With Rubik Cube 3D, you can even checkpoint the cube and start from any particular state. This is particularly useful if you want to practice specific sequences.
I am constantly improving the app to make it a one stop solution for Rubik Cube.
The context sensitive help follows this method of solving:
Step 1: The White Cross
Get the white cross. This step is intuitive and can be perfected with practice.
Step 2: First Layer
Complete white layer properly by snapping the corners into place
Step 3: Second Layer
Use the F2L Right and F2L Left algorithm to solve the second layer
Step 4: Yellow Cross (F U R U' R' F')
Use this sequence multiple times until you get a yellow cross. At each stage, the cube needs to be oriented properly. At this stage the context sensitive help will guide
showing how to hold the cube and the sequence to perform.
Step 5: Proper Yellow Cross (R U R' U R U U R' U)
The cross in the previous step might not match with the centre pieces. Use the above sequence to swap the yellow corners until all the centres are matched. Again, the
context sensitive help will guide you.
Step 6: Position Corners (U R U' L' U R' U' L)
In this step, we need to place the corners in the correct position, orientation might be wrong. The context sensitive help and the status indicator will inform how many
corners are placed correctly as well as the sequence to perform.
Step 7: Orient Corners (R' D' R D) x 2 or 4
This is the final step. Use the context sensitive help to solve the cube! :)
Designed and Developed by Jayanth Gurijala
Tested and improved by feedback from people all over the world
Icons made by freepik from

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