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Squash Match Stats allows a person to score a match by clicking on the players Winner or Error. The app maintains and updates the match score and also stores the match
stats of each player. Allows for the addition of user defined players,Match comments can be created, export and emailing of match progress stats and comments. The match
stats can be viewed once the match has completed in the stats viewer screen and also the inplay stats can be saved and emailed during play. The app allows for both singles
and doubles play, will automatically set the adjust servers and receivers after games, sets, tie breakers(You can manually change the server and receiver by clicking the
players serve button. This can not be done once a service game has started i.e. a point has been played.) The settings screen allows for the selection of default match
sets, if tie breakers for every set or games advantage for the final set. In the players screen user defined players can be added, along with their details i.e. club,
right handed play, comments about each player etc Appointments and details of each player can be created and sent to required people.
List of players data/stats which can be stored during play and later displayed/reviewed :-
Totals %
Matches Won: (Matches won/Total matches)
Number of Aces: (Number Aces/(Total number of serves both 1st))
Total 1st Serves: (Number of 1st serves/(Total number of serves))
Total Aces Against: (Number of times being Aced/(Total number of serves both 1st and 2nd))
Faults: (Number of faults served/(Total number of serves both 1st and 2nd))
Winners FH: (Winners FV) (Number of Winners ForeHand/(Total number of Winners, not including volleys))
Winners BackHand: (Winners BV) (Number of Winners BackHand/(Total number of Winners, not including volleys))
Winners ForeHand Volley: (Winners FV) (Number of Winners ForeHand Volleys/(Total number of volley winners))
Winners Backhand Volley: (Winners BV) (Number of Winners BackHand Volleys/(Total number of volley winners))
Errors ForeHand: (ErrorsFH) (Number of Errors ForeHand/(Total number of Errors))
Errors BackHand (ErrorsBH) (Number of Errors BackHand/(Total number of Errors))
Unforced ForeHand: (Uf FH) (Number of Unforced ForeHand/(Total number of unforced Errors))
Unforced BackHand: (Uf BH) (Number of Unforced BackHands/(Total number of unforced Errors))
The Interface is swipe driven. To more to a new screen swipe the screen right to left, left to right to go back. Note the free version has a nag message, players can not
be added and only best of 3 sets can be played.
From Version 1.6 App will stream live radio,music also play audio files from install device (automatically scanned and included in the Music-Music categories.).Play will
stop and recomence for incoming/outgoing calls and lower for notifications.Categories can be added,existing stations can be altered and new stations can be added. Standard
audio features(play,pause,stop,next,play cont.,shuffle play etc)(Currently will not:stream from mu3,pls files,will from https file sites i.e. m3u8,mp4,mp3.).Play a station
by clicking a station on the displayed station list.Play will commence once connected to site (connection dependent varies 3 seconds).Playlists are created from displayed
files list once a station/file is selected to be played. Notifications are created of current player states.Favorites adds the currently played station/file to the
favorites Category. Urls (not:stream from mu3,pls files,will from https file sites i.e. m3u8,mp4,mp3.) can be added via the input box,click the add button station saved in
currently selected categories.Click the edit url and Add buttons to alter currently playing url string and to add new categories.Add station to categories,select
categories,enter url string and click the plus button.

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