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Dungeon Adventure: Heroic Edition
Game inspired by tabletop RPGs, roguelike games and some MMORPG. First choose your hero.Then delve and explore deadly randomly generated dungeons, fight with monster and
powerful bosses, gain experience and equipment.
- Randomly generated dungeons.
- Choose one of the four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Heroic and Epic
- Unlock and cast spells like: True Strike, Flame Weapon, Arcane Ward etc.
- A lot of randomly generated equipment. Find best items for your hero!
- If your hero dies there is no way to resurrect him
- Special "Adventure levels". Gain this levels give you special points that you can spend on perks. If your hero die you wont lost your Adventure levels.
- Two base (Amazon and Barbarian, for Heroic Ed. there more base heroes available) and nine character to unlock. Dwarf - master of defense. Vampire - steal life from
enemies. Assassin - master of deadly arts. And others like Wizard, Druid, Huntress, Cleric etc.
- Gather resources and arcane dust to craft powerful items that help you in your adventures.
Heroic Edition Bonuses:
- No in game Ads.
- New hero Shadow.
- New hero Templar.
- New hero Sorceress
- All heroes available from start, no need to unlock them.
- More bonuses will be in next updates.
You can try Dungeon Adventure standard edition for free.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdventurerRo

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